About us

The term Apex refers to “the highest vertex in a polyhedron or geometric solid” and signifies the most profitable operating point for a process within a defined operating envelope.

The suffix Optimisation recognises a variety of important aspects of our value proposition:

  • We have a solid understanding of process operation, process control, production planning and plant economics to help our customers realise their economic and operational objectives.
  • We guarantee the highest standard of service possible in this industry; our innovative solutions mean robust and low maintenance applications that more often exceed operability and benefits expectations.
  • We are passionate about Dynamic Optimisation, as much as we believe in the significance of traditional and multivariable APC.
  • To date we have successfully developed many dynamic optimisation applications using GDOT® on a range of refinery process units at different sites – applications which have been running with exceptional uptimes.
  • We have shown the benefits of increased production, reduced quality variability and lower energy consumption with project paybacks that are measured in months.
  • In addition to the short term economic pay-back, we have shown that our applications encompass the improved safety, reliability and operability characteristics required to achieve optimum long term performance from the plant assets.

Our track record has developed on a basis of a strong work ethic for innovation, communication and consistent delivery. Our customers are choosing Apex Optimisation to realise peak performance from their plant assets.