Generic Dynamic Optimisation Technology (GDOT®)

Flexible “grey box” modelling approach enables users to build consistent dynamic process models that are independent of multivariable controller models. High quality models can normally be built and calibrated without expensive and time consuming plant tests and applications can be supported and maintained by process control engineers.

Designed to take maximum advantage of minute-by-minute process feedback, using the unique data reconciliation and parameter estimation capabilities our proprietary Dynamic Data Reconciliation technology. Auto-configured client-based and web-based user interfaces provide robust visualisation and trending capabilities.

Examples of audited achievements with petroleum refining applications include:

  • Naphtha Processing
    • Increased aromatics production by more than 5%
    • Significantly reduced gasoline quality variations
  • Middle Distillate Production
    • Increased diesel production by 10%
  • Residue Processing
    • Increased cracking complex conversion by 3% on feed
  • Hydrogen and Utility Systems
    • Reduced fuel gas and hydrogen losses by more than 50%


Example of reduction of hydrogen losses using GDOT.


Beyond Petroleum refining, GDOT is applicable to optimisation problems in a variety of industries, such as:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power
  • Petrochemicals
  • Mining

Please contact your regional Apex Optimisation office to find out more about the optimisation opportunities with the operation of your assets.