Dynamic Optimisation

Advanced regulatory controls and multivariable controls enable operators to maintain the plant closer to the optimum operating point. However, this capability is only truly beneficial if the location of the optimum is known. In fact, an advanced control scheme that consistently pushes the plant in the wrong direction will often do more harm than good.

One of the key attributes of the Apex consultancy team is an in-depth understanding of the operation and the economics of various industrial plants, gained from extensive work experience from operating and consulting companies. This enables our consultants to advise on the optimisation of industrial plants, including the selection of appropriate technology for on-line optimisation.

For smaller and relatively linear problems, a basic level of optimization can often be realized within a well-designed multivariable control layer. For larger or highly non-linear problems, we provide pragmatic and robust optimisation solutions based on our Generic Dynamic Optimisation Technology (GDOT®).


Section of Moomba ethane treatment plant, Cooper Basin, South Australia.