Effective Process Control Training to meet your Operational Needs

With operating companies worldwide suffering from a shortage of experienced personnel and high turnover, development and retention of relevant expertise is a perpetual challenge. To help customers establish and maintain in-house capability, Apex Optimisation offers a range of training courses with a focus on practical application:

  • Practical Process Control Techniques – this popular 3 day course is a must for people who want to polish up their regulatory control skills and get some hands on experience with loop tuning. The agenda also covers design of Advanced Regulatory Control with an introduction to higher level technologies.Attendees from a range of disciplines (process engineers, instrument/electrical engineers, instrument/DCS technicians, industry consultants and process control engineers) have benefited from the blend of practical techniques explained through the use of real life examples and simulation exercises. A detailed course agenda is provided here.




  • Generic MPC Concepts for End Users – this course is designed to help DCS operators and support engineers develop an understanding of MPC concepts and the skills necessary to obtain full value from MPC applications on a consistent basis. The course focuses on practical techniques and provides a good basis for those new to MPC or those who have been operating MPC for some time and need some foundation knowledge to bring their operating skills to the next level.
  • Engineer training on MPC implementation
  • Advanced MPC Design and Maintenance
  • GDOT Concepts and Implementation


Courses can be conducted at customer sites and Apex can also provide customised courses to suit specific training needs.